Learning management system (LMS)

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content.

Examples of LMS or LCMS

1- aTutor
2- Blackboard Learning System
3- CCNet
4- Claroline
5- Desire2Learn eLearning Suite
6- Dokeos
7- eFront
8- HotChalk
10- Jackson Creek Software
11- JoomlaLMS
12- Learn.com
13- Meridian KSI
14- Moodle
15- Sakai Project
16- SharePointLMS
17- Spiral Universe
18- Thinking Cap
19- TotalLMS

Some features that exists in most of LMSs

General system features
• Multi-language interface
• Compliance with SCORM standards
• Guest access
• Web 2.0 & Ajax technologies
• Clear, easy to use learner interface
• W3C WAI accessibility AA level self reported
• Access via standard Internet browsers
• Advanced user administration
• Centralized administration of the entire system

General course features
• Course Categories
• Free and paid courses
• Courses export / import
• Create Courses using Templates
• Searchable Course Catalog
• Waiting Lists
• Courses tree view
• Create topics on your course home page and place course content links there
• Show/hide Course tools for learners or for teachers
• Advanced enrollment (auto/by teacher/administrator)
• My Courses on the users Home Page
• Publishing Course period
• Access level to each course using users’ roles
• Maximum Course attendees limitation

• Paid online subscriptions to Courses
• Payments list
• PayPal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net and WorldPay payment methods
• Manual payments method configuration (e. g. Bank Transfer)
• The billing information for checkout is prepopulated from the user profile

File Library
• Global Repository for the Documents outside the Courses
• Publishing mechanism
• Show / Hide Documents to all LMS teachers / all users
• Add SCORMs and use them in your courses
• Files publishing period
• Hierarchical Documents structure
• Order files in your Document Library
• Permissions Managment for administrators

• Announcements publishing period
• Announcement board on the user Home Page
• Monthly/Weekly/Daily calendar Views


• Upload zip file as a content package
• Hierarchical document structure
• Create Links for any document
• Publishing period
• Manage various types of content (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, Audio and Video)
• Read and edit documents in web browser
• Attach images, audio or video with questions
• Upload multimedia files to be played online
• Add files from Shared Documents Library

Learning Paths
• Learning path building
• Hierarchical chapter structure
• Prerequisites for Learning Path Steps or for Learning Paths
• Completion message
• Upload SCORMs through the FTP
• Issue Certificates automatically or manually the after Learning Path is completed
• Import SCORMs as a Learning Path step
• Order and move Learning Path Steps
• Create new or insert any uploaded materials in Course Tools as a Learning Path Step
• Resume the Learning Course progress from the last attempt
• Insert Links, Documents, Quizzes, Content and SCORMs


• Add Surveys and Quizzes
• Quiz Categories
• Shared Questions Pool
• Question Categories
• More than 10 types of Questions
• Create your custom Certificates
• Quizzes Atempts with resume possibility
• Interactive multimedia-based Surveys and Quizzes
• Multimedia questions and course content pages
• Preview Quiz parameters
• View, print or email users passing results
• Learners’ Questions feedback
• Progress bar
• Passing scores report


• Multichannel audio / video streaming
• Chat inside the conference
• Shared whiteboard
• Play your SWF files on whiteboard
• Students web camera view
• Record your conference sessions
• File exchange
• Setup your own conference template
• Students list

• Tools usage for selected users by months / years
• Graph for year statistics
• Detailed statistic about the learning materials usage (SCORMs, Documents, Quizzes, etc.)
• Daily and weekly distribution graph
• Course tools usage graph
• Top active user Tracking graph

• Track learner performance and assessment scores
• Access all the user certificates
• Custom Scales and Grading
• Different grading methods: last scored result, best scored result
• Course completion
• SCORM results tracking
• Quizzes results tracking
• Create and edit custom certificates


• Add / edit / publish / delete links
• Open in new or parent (current) window

• Exchange files between the participants
• Corrected / uncorrected files status

• Edit attendance by groups / individually
• View chosen student period attendance
• View all / group users’ day attendance
• Export attendance to Excel

• Homework tracking
• Home Work publishing period
• General and short descriptions

• Searchable Online Help
• Online Video Tutorials

• Integration with SMF - fully functional forum
• Create Learning Path - related course forum boards
• Create private teachers forums

• Send messages to any user
• Files attachment
• Address book
• Email notifications about the new messages

• Chatting users list
• Course / group chats

Users & Groups Management
• Different user roles (administrator, teacher, assistant, learner, CEO)
• Manual and automatic users Courses enrolment
• UserGroups for the whole system or for each course individually
• Import / export learners using CSV lists
• Full integration with Community Builder
• Community Builder user profile synchronized with SMF forum


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